Our Chairman’s Message

Our Beloved Members,

We have reached the level of being the most comprehensive clustering address of our country in the field of clean energy. In July 2016, we set out with the vision of "transforming Turkey into an international center that produces equipment, technology and
projects in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency".
I am grateful to all the members of the ENSİA family who contributed to this great success…
As we move towards the 100th anniversary of our Republic, we employ more than 50 thousand people with our nearly 100 Corporate Members.
From Malatya to Mersin, from Adana to Ankara, from Balıkesir to Istanbul, from Kocaeli to Izmir; Our members operating in many cities of our country; contribute to the renewable and clean energy journey of our country and produces value-added products.
This family, which is growing day by day and built on its magic word "sincerity", will continue to be the most comprehensive cluster of our country in our sector and will begin to bring Turkey together with new investment fields abroad.

Our Esteemed Members,

Our job is to develop projects, to create value for our industry and our country…
With our new projects, we will maintain our position of taking initiative in attracting
new main and sub-industry investments to our sector, considering every company investing
in our country as "LOCAL", thinking that LOCAL energy should be produced with LOCAL
I believe that the success we will achieve in these projects will carry our association to
new successes in national and international projects.
At this point, our BEST For Energy project, which we have been implementing
together with the Izmir Development Agency and has been going on for three years
supported our members to have cooperations with clean energy clusters abroad and
provided great benefit in terms of consolidating the data of our sector.
ENSİA, which became a member of Wind Europe in 2022 by achieving two important
international successes and was entitled to receive the "Bronze Label" from the European
Cluster Analysis Secretariat (ESCA), is taking steps towards becoming civil society
organization that represents our industry abroad.
In the upcoming period, very important and visionary investment decisions have been
taken in renewable energy, especially in offshore wind power plants in İzmir and its region;
We will watch together that Turkey will be included in the investment agendas of domestic
and foreign capital companies.
We are aware that the steps we will take in the Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Biomass,
Green Hydrogen and Wave Energy sectors will bring us one step closer to the vision of our
Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of our Republic, "Developing Means
Industrialization" and the ideal of "rising above the level of contemporary civilization".

Alper Kalaycı
Mechanical Engineer
Chairman of the Board of ENSİA