About The Project

BEST For Energy (Boosting Effective and Sustainable Transformation for Energy) Project is governed by Izmir Development Agency (IZKA) in partnership with the Energy Industrialists and Businessmen Association (ENSIA). The project is carried out within the scope of the Competitive Industries Program, financed within the framework of financial cooperation of the European Union and the Republic of Turkey and conducted by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. The Competitive Sectors Program aims to ensure social and economic development by increasing the competitiveness of industrialists, SMEs and entrepreneurs in different regions of Turkey. With the BEST For Energy Project, it is aimed at contributing to the purpose of the program by developing a competitive cluster in the Clean Energy and Clean Technology Industry.

Izmir Development Agency (IZKA) – operating to generate information on the basis of green and blue growth approaches and developing pioneering, original and exemplary projects – aims to increase production, green works and added value in the clean energy and clean technology sector with the BEST For Energy Project. As a result of the project, carried out with the perspectives of clustering and smart specialization, it is aimed at turning İzmir and its surroundings into a region specialized in the clean energy and clean technologies. Whereas the outputs of the BEST For Energy Project shed light on the plans of many institutions at both the national and regional level in Turkey, Izmir Development Agency is expected to shape its activities in the future, particularly its financial support programs. The BEST For Energy Project will be one of the significant activities that will contribute to the European Union’s Green Deal studies of from Turkey.

The BEST For Energy Project focuses on developing capacities, increasing investments and exports of the companies, which are engaged in the clean energy and clean technology value chain and desire to move towards this field in line with the cluster strategy, increasing their regional competitiveness and strengthening the cooperation among the stakeholders. Within the scope of the project, the institutional capacity of the Energy Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association (ENSIA), as a cluster organization, will be pushed up to the next level. The project started in the third quarter of 2020 and to be conducted for 3 years, has a budget of 2.89 million Euros.

For more info: www.bestforenergy.org