Chairman's Message

Dear Esteemed Sectoral Shareholders,

Association of Energy Industrialists and Businessmen (ENSİA), which started out with the vision of ‘’transforming Turkey into an international center which devises equipment, technology and projects in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency’’ has put its signature under important successes in renewable energy sector for the past five years. ENSİA which is a ‘’project association’’ in itself; adopts the main objective of creating true information and awareness on renewable and clean energy sector. As our Founder Chairman of the Executive Board, I would like to thank Dear Mr. Hüseyin Vatansever for carrying out the duty devotedly until our Third Ordinary Meeting of the General Assembly on March 26, 2021 and give our word for carrying up the torch which we took over from him and pass it to our friends who will take the position. We believe that we will create a great synergy integrating the experiences of our friends who took place in our past managements with the excitements of our friends who proved their success and take place in the Board of Management.

Dear Esteemed Shareholders,

ENSİA will keep its attitude of preserving the equal closeness and distance to its all shareholders, respectful to public authorities, not hesitating to convey its constructive suggestions and ideas to interlocutors, seeing all companies as ‘’domestic’’ which are investing in our country, thinking that local energy needs to be produced with local equipment, taking initiative on the point of drawing new sub and key industry investments into our sector.
We are witnessing that the developments of the new technologies rapidly develop in our sector and finding the field of application. We know that the subjects of offshore wind plants, hybrid plants, energy storage, green hydrogen etc. will take place more in our country’s agenda soon. We would like to bring up our ideas on these subjects to the agenda of our public opinion and public authorities.
I would like to repeat one of our opinions once again which we shared with public opinion and public authorities many times as our institutional opinion.
The renewable and clean energy sources like wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, wawe that we have are of vital importance for reducing the external energy dependance of our country and creating source diversity.
However, we should never find it sufficient.
As well as domestic energy, it is also extremely important that the machines and equipment which are producing our energy from our domestic sources will be domestic, produced by the companies located in our country and take part in value added chain.
We know that producing our domestic energy sources with imported equipment is not a wealth management strategy which can respond to the expectations of our country.

Dear Esteemed Shareholders,

We will bring our recommendations and demands in response to this vital issue of our country to public opinion agenda based on these data. Our effort undoubtedly means more added value, more employment, and more exportation.
Likewise, 1.01 Dollar/Kg the average export value of which Turkish economy reached in 2020 is a value that we should ruminate on. We know that this added-value level should ‘’at least’’ 10 Dollar/Kg in the production of renewable energy equipment and increased to 50 Dollar/Kg in proportion with the used materials. First and primary agenda of our new Board of Management will be our institutional members to take part in this value chain.
There will be a 25-billion-dollar equipment market for the next ten years with the vision ‘’providing %30 of the total energy consumption from renewable energy in 2030’’ of our government. Therefore, meeting the need in domestic market with the production within the Turkish borders not with the exportation will ensure the decrease in current deficit and the keep of foreign currency inside the country.

Dear Esteemed Shareholders,

One of the important projects of our association which make inroads into the institutional structuring for the past five years is ‘’Best For Energy’’ project that we are shareholders with İzmir Development Agency (İZKA).
Best for Energy which aims providing sectoral transformation in and around İzmir, realizing the production of clean energy equipment and environmental technologies will last 36 months between 2020-2023.
With Best for Energy which has been awarded 3,1 million Euro grant by European Commission within the Competitive Sectors Programme of The Ministry of Industry and Technology, we are aiming to increase the investments and exportation by
raising the capacity of the companies which are already in the clean energy chain and turn towards this field.
Within the frame of the project which focuses on improving the regional competitive power and strenghtening the cooperation between shareholders; we will support training and consultancy support to 300 companies and entrepreneurs, make regional added-value chain analysis with 150 companies, make regional added-value chain with 100 international companies, international B2B activities, focus group meetings, ideathon activities and international business trips.

One of the other important projects is ‘’Improving the International Competition Capacity towards Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Sector’’ project within the Programme Supporting the Development of International Competitiveness (UR-GE) by the Ministry of Trade.

In our project which we completed the selection of Consultancy Firm with the approval of the Ministry of Trade and started the Needs Assessment, there are 18 institutional member companies.
I believe that the institutional member companies of ENSİA family which succeeded one more valuable works than the other will put their signature under valuable works together with our Association.
At this point, I care about the active participation of our members and employees in the projects Best For Energy and Ur-Ge that we are still implementing.
I believe wholeheartedly that the successes within these projects will open new doors to our Association for national and international projects and support our Association to be ‘’ the civil society address in our country of international energy clusters’’.

Yours Sincerely,

Alper Kalaycı
Mechanical Engineer
Chairman of ENSİA